Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, Italy

Land Development

In October 2011, New Valley Realty invested into a partnership with Bizzi & Partners to develop Milanosesto. The development is a €4 billion mixed-use project located in Sesto San Giovanni, just 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from the central business district of Milan in northern Italy. It is the single largest commercial project in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

Property Details

Pritzker Prize-winning Italian architect, Renzo Piano, was chosen design the project's master plan, which calls for approximately 70 hectares (173 acres) of green space and over 1 million square meters (10 million square feet) of newly constructed and renovated commercial and residential buildings. 

Renzo Piano’s master plan envisions Sesto San Giovanni as a dynamic urban environment softened by abundant and engaging open spaces, including a 45-hectare central park. The plan is sensitive to the themes of energy conservation and sustainability as well as the historic nature of the site, which includes a number of architecturally distinctive industrial buildings once occupied by former steel producer Falck S.p.A. These buildings will be renovated and transformed into community spaces, such as schools, libraries, and cultural centers. This historic area of the project will be connected to the newly constructed area via public transportation and landscaped pedestrian pathways. The Master plan has been drawn up to connect, in a fully harmonious way, those parts of Sesto San Giovanni which have been separated in the past by the industrial complexes and railway; new public areas, avenues, broadways and meeting places are set to be built. The newly constructed portion of Sesto San Giovanni will offer residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality properties as well as recreational and sporting centers. Sesto San Giovanni is anticipated to ultimately have a residential population of 15,000 people and be the daily workplace of 15,000 people. A world-class university hospital infrastructure such as the “Città della Salute e della Ricerca" will turn Sesto San Giovanni into a magnet for scientific research. 

Type: Mixed-Use 

Size: 1 million square meters (10 million square feet) 

Architect: Renzo Piano 

Completion: 2024